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Become a Highly Sought-After AWS DevOps Engineer: Get Certified Today!
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We are introducing our newest offering from Knowlettwoods – the AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Training Course! This program is designed for professionals seeking to enhance their DevOps and cloud computing skills. Through our comprehensive training, participants will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience to confidently create and manage continuous delivery systems and techniques on AWS.


Important topics including automation, security, and industry best practices are the main emphasis of our training curriculum. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to work in DevOps engineering or cloud computing. The skills required to install, run, and maintain scalable systems on AWS will be imparted to participants via a combination of classroom instruction and practical lab experiences. Performance optimization and strong security are prioritized at every stage of the procedure.    


With a robust track record of 5 years in delivering AWS DevOps Engineer Certification training, we take pride in our exceptional 98% success rate for first-time AWS DevOps Engineer exam takers. Our commitment to providing best-in-class training is reflected in the expertise of our trainers and the comprehensive support we offer throughout your certification journey.


Benefits of AWS DevOps Engineer Certification training 


  1. Guaranteed Results:


With 98% of our students passing the AWS DevOps Engineer exam on their first attempt, our 5 years of proven success speaks for itself.


  1. Masterful Instructors:


Tap into the expertise of our industry-leading trainers, who combine their real-world experience and extensive knowledge to empower your learning journey. 

  1. Comprehensive Support:


We stand by you from start to finish, providing uninterrupted guidance and assistance until you achieve your certification triumph.


  1. In-Depth Immersive Training:


Embark on a 24-hour training experience meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam. 


  1. Mock Tests and Reports:


Prepare with five practice tests, complete with clear charts that show where you excel and where you need to focus.


  1. Dedicated Trainers:


Get help with any questions from expert trainers who will support you until you pass the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam.


  1. Personalized Exam Strategy:


Receive guidance tailored to your strengths and weaknesses to help you pass the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam on your first try. 


  1. Flexible Learning Options:


Access recorded online sessions you can watch any time, allowing you to stay up-to-date even if you miss a live class.


  1. Continuous Improvement:


We gather and use participant feedback to regularly update and enhance our training programs, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness. **10. Omnichannel Support:** We offer multiple ways to reach us for assistance, such as email, phone, WhatsApp, and video call, providing convenient and efficient query resolution.

AWS DevOps Engineer Certification:


Earning the AWS DevOps Engineer certification unlocks a wide range of job opportunities in cloud computing and DevOps engineering. This certification validates your skills in designing, building, and managing effective and adaptable systems on AWS platforms.

AWS DevOps Engineers with certification often earn higher salaries because of their specialized knowledge of cloud platforms and DevOps methodologies.

This certification confirms an individual’s proficiency in protecting data and enhancing the effectiveness of cloud-based systems. It demonstrates their skills in automating processes, ensuring security, and following industry-approved practices.

Earning this certification strengthens your credibility and expertise in cloud computing and DevOps engineering. It demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and professional development throughout your career.

How to become a certified AWS DevOps Engineer:

  1. Fulfill Exam Requirements.
  2. Join Official AWS Engineer Training.
  3. Study for the Certification.
  4. Apply for AWS Engineer Certification.
  5. Book and Take the Exam.
  6. Achieve Certification.
  7. Stay Updated with Professional Growth.

What can we do for you?


  • Dedicated instructors to assist you in resolving any questions. They are reachable at any moment till you receive your certificate.
  • Evaluate your suitability for the AWS DevOps Engineer certification.
  • Get detailed guidance on the certification journey.
  • Understand the costs involved in preparing and taking the exam.
  • Attend two-day in-person training sessions.
  • Access email support for questions and assistance.
  • Take practice mock tests to assess your readiness.
  • Receive ongoing customer support after training to aid with exam preparation and scheduling.


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This course includes:

Start your learning journey today! Enroll now in our online course.

Become an AWS DevOps Mastermind: Enroll Now in Our Certification Course!

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