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Project Management

Project Management - Being Agile & A Leader

Retain Your Hard Earned PMP® Credential at KnowlettWoods!
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Project Management - Being Agile & a Leader

You have consistently worked hard to Retain your PMP® Credential:

  • Met Qualifying Criteria for PMP® Exam
  • Undertook 35 Contact Hours Training
  • Applied for PMP® Certification Examination – Documented your Project Management Experience
  • Studied for PMP® Examination despite your hectic work schedule
  • And finally … PASSED it successfully!

So, Why Miss PMP® Re-Certification Deadline to Acquire 60 PDUs and Risk your HARD EARNED PMP® Credential?

To support your commitment to continued professional development when it comes to project management, KnowlettWoods – Knowlett Learning  is proud to announce convenient and affordable online courses  that allow you to acquire Sixty (60) PDUs quickly and retain your PMP® Credential.

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Tushar Sharma

Project Manager

This course includes:

Start your learning journey today! Enroll now in our online course.

Certification in PgMP can open doors to senior-level positions and leadership.

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