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Lean six sigma black belt

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: A Powerful Tool for Business Success
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Lean six sigma black belt


As per the ASQ Body of Knowledge curriculum framework and recognized by leading international Lean & Six Sigma certifying bodies, we provide the most advanced Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course.


Certification for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The highest level affirmation and the third level belt in the Six Sigma family. As specialists, Black Belt holders are trusted to lead and mentor Green Belt holders beneath them and serve as six sigma enterprise proprietors or pioneers. A Black Belt should be able to lead a team, manage change, understand team dynamics, assign tasks to colleagues, and oversee the completion of six sigma projects. Black belt holders can operate under the supervision of master black belt holders and are capable of using the six-sigma DMAIC system, which is DEFINE | MEASURE | ANALYZE | IMPROVE | CONTROL.


Discover Lean Six Sigma Black Belt using the most cutting-edge and productive teaching methods.

Live projects, round-the-clock learning support, and instructor-led Six Sigma Black Belt training are all included.

With MINITAB PRO Simulations, learn advanced data analysis, DFSS, and change management technologies.

Experts in Master Black Belt are teaching the course, using projects and case studies.

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Tushar Sharma

Project Manager

This course includes:

Start your learning journey today! Enroll now in our online course.

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