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Welcome to the Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification page!
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The PMI offers this esteemed credential as a way for experienced program managers to demonstrate their mastery of managing complex programs. Whether you are already in this profession or looking to take it further, attaining PgMP status can open up new doors in program management as well as validate your abilities in this area of business.

Why choose PgMP?

Set Yourself Apart: By earning the PgMP certification, you distinguish yourself as an expert in program management – showing that you have demonstrated an ability to oversee multiple related projects while meeting organizational challenges head-on.

Global Recognition: Backed by PMI, an internationally respected project management body, PgMP certification is respected across industries and regions.

Career Advancement: Certification in PgMP can open doors to senior-level positions and leadership roles, making you a highly sought-after professional within program management.

Enhance Your Earning Potential: PgMP-certified professionals often command higher salaries due to their specialized expertise and track record in managing programs successfully.

Eligibility for PgMP Certification

To be eligible to pursue the PgMP certification, you should possess both education and experience. PMI requires both years of program management experience as well as hours directing programs in order to certify an applicant as PgMP.

Application: Complete an online application on the PMI website outlining your program management experience and education, along with any applicable certifications or degree programs. Once submitted, PMI will review it and notify you if your eligibility has been established.

Exam: Once your application is approved, the Program Management Professional (PgMP) exam can be scheduled and taken. The test measures your knowledge of program management principles, practices, and domains.

Domain Expertise: The PgMP exam covers five domains: Strategic Program Management, Program Life Cycle, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Management, and Governance. Each of these has specific tasks and knowledge areas you must ace to pass this examination.

Maintaining Certification Requirements: Once you pass the PgMP exam, to maintain it, you must earn professional development units (PDUs) every three years and retake the exam every three years.

At Knowlettwoods, our goal is to assist in your success in attaining PgMP certification. Our PgMP preparation course aims to equip you with all of the knowledge, tools, and confidence to excel in the exam. Our knowledgeable instructors will lead you through each of the five domains, ensuring you’re ready to navigate any challenging scenarios or questions presented during an examination session.

Our PgMP Preparation Course Features: By covering all five PgMP domains in depth and providing real-world case studies and examples from real life, as well as interactive workshops and discussions as well as expert guidance and support, this comprehensive PgMP course ensures full coverage.

Flexible learning options: In-person, virtual, or self-paced

Expand Your Career

Take Your Program Management Career to the Next Level

Advance your program management career by earning the PgMP certification. Join accomplished program managers who have proven their abilities to lead complex projects and initiatives to completion successfully. Reach out today for more information on our PgMP preparation course and discover how we can support you on the road toward certification success!

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This course includes:

Start your learning journey today! Enroll now in our online course.

Certification in PgMP can open doors to senior-level positions and leadership.

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