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Renew PMP - MSP 2019

PMP Renewal: Earn PDUs with Microsoft Project 2019 (Online Course)
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Renew PMP - MSP 2019


Renew PMP – MSP 2019 is a specialized initiative crafted to aid Project Management Professionals (PMP) in the renewal of their certifications, aligning seamlessly with the latest guidelines and standards set forth by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This holistic program furnishes an in-depth understanding of the PMP renewal process, with a keen focus on pivotal elements such as accruing Professional Development Units (PDUs) and fulfilling ongoing educational requisites.

Participants in Renew PMP – MSP 2019 delve into the significance of upholding their PMP credentials and remaining abreast of contemporary industry practices and advancements. The program meticulously examines diverse PDU categories, encompassing technical proficiencies, leadership skills, and strategic business management, thereby offering expert guidance on optimizing PDU acquisition across each category.

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Tushar Sharma

Project Manager

This course includes:

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Renew Your PMP & Master MSP 2019: Enroll Now & Upskill for Success (Online Course)

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